At Agile N2N we enable companies to empower themselves to use Agile and Lean principles to build products and services that will keep up with an ever-evolving business environment. We understand that one size does not fit all. We work at all levels of an organization to identify your business’ challenges, priorities and values, then collaboratively devise solutions that fit your culture and strategy.


Assess current state of agility and provide customized training to meet Agile goals

Mentor teams and leadership through your Agile Evolution

Bring Agility to both Development and Operations, enabling accelerated delivery with high quality

Comprehensive ERP services in S/4HANA, Oracle, MS Dynamics & Infor to streamline operations, optimize resources, and drive business growth through IT-led business transformations

Assess current state of cybersecurity and provide an actionable plan to meet your cybersecurity goals

Use cutting edge technologies to create responsive, innovative and user friendly mobile and web apps

Achieve self-service business intelligence, enabling business users to make data driven decisions

What Our Clients and Consultants Are Saying

"Thank you for the assessment of the Agile practices and the training of technology managers at Rand McNally. The tailored training of the technology managers on the Agile methodology and how to run a release train provided a good foundation for future activities. The survey of the managers attending the training showed that it was worth the investment. I expect us to utilize Agile N2N and your expertise in future engagements."

Yusuf Ozturk

CTO / Rand McNally
"Suchi, Shashi, and Asha from AgileN2N are amazing people. Am so glad that I was spotted by them and got this job opportunity with [Financial Services Company]. They have been so comforting to work with since Day 1. The personal touch that they bring throughout the interviewing and on-boarding process is phenomenal. I couldn’t have wished for better partners in this journey. Once again, thank you so much for connecting me with [Financial Services Company] - the culture, working environment and the people are amazing!"

Ankita S

If you want to develop and execute a plan to adopt Agile, AgileN2N is a firm that can save you a lot of time and money. They have extensive experience and are excellent senior advisors as well as boots on the ground trainers. Some of the strengths Agile N2N demonstrated during their engagement were: -Exceptional Agile subject matter experts. -Leaders in the Agile movement. Highly involved in the Agile community with many contacts across the industry. -A diverse company with solid depth across team and domain. Exceptional communication.

Richard A. Prybell

FVP, Chief Software Development Officer / Options Clearing Corporation
"You and your team are awesome, outstanding professional, but are better people. You made this process smooth and seamless. The preparation and insight was invaluable. Truly you and your team are great stewards of your profession. I am thankful to have crossed paths with you two."

Kevin S

The world is changing … again. Every company, regardless of industry or size, aspires to be more like the high technology leaders like Apple, Amazon, Netflix and the like. Doing so requires a complete transformation of their technology, processes, people and their culture. Agile N2N is, and has been on the forefront of this change. We are proud to call you all partners in our mission to bring this transformation and the benefits of rapid value delivery and innovation to our clients. Thank you, all of you for your passion every day.

Neil Fox

SVP and CTO, North America / Hexaware
"Why I like working for AgileN2N: • The support is 2nd to none. • Agile coaches and trainers are very knowledgeable and are committed to sharing this knowledge. • They invest substantial time preparing candidates for interviews. • They respond quickly to all questions and cater to your needs as a whole. • They are patient and respectful."

Melinda W

Agile N2N provided Agile/Scrum training, support, coaching and helped with SAP technical resource placements in ERP. Whenever we have a similar requirement, Agile N2N is one of our preferred vendors for setting up an agile team to deliver on new product developments or enhancements. Agile N2N helped cut our cycle time for products and features significantly. Additionally, they coached us to instill a culture of continuous improvement.

Neeraj Aggarwal

Software Development Manager / Qlik Tech Inc
"The staff at Agile N2N, especially Shashi, Gregg, and Asha are great! Always looking to learn, grow and be of help. Super easy to talk to and work with. I look forward to working with you again!"

Olga A

"We have been contracting with Agile N2N since 2015. The largest project we collaborated on together was to run a global Agile training for a wireless company across 10 states and 4 countries in Europe. The mode of training included both virtual and classroom instructions. Agile N2N’s differentiator was that they collected feedback from attendees and continually refined content and delivery. Agile N2N exceeded attendee’s expectation in simplicity, interaction and engagement. Nine out of 10 participants were able to immediately apply what they learned. My client’s satisfaction with not only the technical aspects of their projects but also with the service they receive are extremely important to me as their Account Manager. My clients tend to be Fortune 100 companies and have been with my clients for 10-20 years – I do not allow ‘just any resource’ to work with them. Agile N2N has proved time and time again that they give superior customer service with resources who are fully capable and business savvy. I trust everyone I’ve worked with at this company on both a professional and personal level. I do not hesitate to call on them."


Account Executive / Large Training Organization