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ByAlan Berow

Welcome to our communities of practice, focused on ongoing education and practical advice in all things Agile. The series is intended for people who have a basic understanding of the Agile values and principles. Contact us for opportunities for people who need an introduction to Agile.

We have two types of communities of practice – weekly, 30-minute micro-sessions and monthly, coaches’ 90-minute full sessions. Please send me  – a note if you would like an invitation to either or both communities of practice. At this time, our meetings are video conferences. If possible, join the meeting a few minutes early to load any software needed and ensure your connection is working properly. At this time, the provider of the half-hour micro-sessions does not support dial-in audio-only connections.

Program Schedule – subject to modification at the request of the participants.

Upcoming Community of Practice Micro-sessions

Date Topic
2020-August-7 @12:00pm CT Agile is an excuse to not meet deadlines
2020-August-14 @12:00pm CT Agile is new
2020-August-21 @12:00pm CT Increasing their agility should be the aim of every organization
2020-August-28 @12:00pm CT A scaling framework is needed to have organizational agility
2020-September-4 @12:00pm CT Organizational agility is about the people and the work, not the leaders
2020-September-11 @12:00pm CT You don’t need to change structures to have organizational agility
2020-September 18 @12:00pm CT Organizations should define a To-Be state and a plan to get there
2020-September 25 @12:00pm CT Growing organizational agility is the responsibility of agile coaches

Past Community of Practice Micro-sessions

Date Topic
2020-May-15 @12:00pm CT Planning While Working from Home
2020-May-22 @12:00pm CT Sprint Reviews While Working from Home
2020-May-29 @12:00pm CT Interviewing While Working from Home
2020-June-5 @12:00pm CT Refining While Working from Home
2020-June-12 @12:00pm CT On-boarding While Working from Home
2020-June-19 @12:00pm CT Retrospectives for Management
2020-June-26 @12:00pm CT Inspect and Adapt – When and How
2020-July-3 @12:00pm CT When the Journey Goes Off the Rails – Management Edition
2020-July-10 @12:00pm CT When the Journey Goes Off the Rails – Team Edition
2020-July-17@12:00pm CT When the Journey Goes Off the Rails – Enterprise Edition
2020-July-24@12:00pm CT Agile Budgeting – Starting the Transformation
2020-July-31@12:00pm CT Agility in Cultures That Defer to Management/Seniority

Pinpoint Webinar Series

Date Topic
2020-April-3 @11:30pm CT Working Agreements Applied
2020-April-10 @12:00 pm CT
2020-April-13 @7:00pm CT
Keeping Retrospectives Interesting
2020-April-17 @12:00pm CT
2020-April-20 @7:00pm CT
Work Breakdown Structure Tool (Cardboard) Demonstration
2020-April-24 @12:00pm CT
2020-April-27 @7:00pm CT
Servant Leadership for All
2020-May-1 @12:00pm CT
2020-May-4 @7:00pm CT
My Team Is Suddenly Working From Home
2020-May-8 @12:00pm CT
2020-May-11 @7:00pm CT
Retrospectives for Distributed Teams

Monthly Coach’s Community of Practice Session

We use a variety of techniques to identify the topics for these meetings including the traditional – facilitator decides based on input from CoP – brainstorming at the beginning of the meeting, and Agile coffee. Although the title says “Coaches’ “, the meetings are open to all who are interested and offer both an opportunity to network and to share learning opportunities with your peers.

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Yes I would love a zoom invitation.

Ramesh KadagounderPosted on  10:57 pm - Apr 8, 2020

Hello Alan:

Please include me in webinar.

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