Community of Practice

ByAlan Berow

Welcome to our community of practice, focused on ongoing education and practical advice in all things Agile. The series is intended for people who have a basic understanding of the Agile values and principles. Contact us for opportunities for people who need an introduction to Agile.

We have two types of communities of practice – weekly, 30-minute micro-sessions and monthly, 90-minute full sessions. Please send me a note if you would like an invitation to either or both communities of practice. At this time, our meetings are video conferences. If possible, join the meeting a few minutes early to load any software needed and ensure your connection is working properly. At this time, the provider of the half-hour micro-sessions does not support dial-in audio-only connections.

Program Schedule – subject to modification at the request of the participants.

Upcoming Community of Practice Micro-sessions

Date Topic
2020-June-19 @12:00pm CT Retrospectives for Management
2020-June-26 @12:00pm CT Inspect and Adapt – When and How
2020-July-3 @12:00pm CT When the Journey Goes Off the Rails – Management Edition
2020-July-10 @12:00pm CT When the Journey Goes Off the Rails – Team Edition
2020-July-17@12:00pm CT When the Journey Goes Off the Rails – Enterprise Edition
2020-July-24@12:00pm CT Agile Budgeting – Starting the Transformation
2020-July-31@12:00pm CT Agility in Cultures That Defer to Management/Seniority

Past Community of Practice Micro-sessions

Date Topic
2020-May-15 @12:00pm CT Planning While Working from Home
2020-May-22 @12:00pm CT Sprint Reviews While Working from Home
2020-May-29 @12:00pm CT Interviewing While Working from Home
2020-June-5 @12:00pm CT Refining While Working from Home
2020-June-12 @12:00pm CT On-boarding While Working from Home

Pinpoint Webinar Series

Date Topic
2020-April-3 @11:30pm CT Working Agreements Applied
2020-April-10 @12:00 pm CT
2020-April-13 @7:00pm CT
Keeping Retrospectives Interesting
2020-April-17 @12:00pm CT
2020-April-20 @7:00pm CT
Work Breakdown Structure Tool (Cardboard) Demonstration
2020-April-24 @12:00pm CT
2020-April-27 @7:00pm CT
Servant Leadership for All
2020-May-1 @12:00pm CT
2020-May-4 @7:00pm CT
My Team Is Suddenly Working From Home
2020-May-8 @12:00pm CT
2020-May-11 @7:00pm CT
Retrospectives for Distributed Teams

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Sita VaranasiPosted on  10:52 pm - Apr 8, 2020

Yes I would love a zoom invitation.

Ramesh KadagounderPosted on  10:57 pm - Apr 8, 2020

Hello Alan:

Please include me in webinar.

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