Agile Overview – IEEE Member Reviews

Agile Overview – IEEE Member Reviews

What IEEE members are saying about our Agile Bootstrapping….

How would you rate the training overall?

Well organized, no problem following the points being made.  I appreciated getting the note book handed out at the start.  I really liked the paper-airplane exercise. Questions encouraged and accepted and handled well.  Extra-topical questions recorded and tabled to keep presentation on track.

What are top 2 things you learnt that can immediately apply to your projects?

Continually keep development and clients in touch to maximize project success in both functionality and delivery time.  Break down into smaller development steps/deliverables that can be analyzed for customer satisfaction, and provides actual progress in delivery.  Analyze client and development feedback and make adjustments to keep project on track while also adapting to changing/discovered requirements.

List top 2 ways it will help you in job search.

Familiarity with Agile culture will help with those employers looking to instill and strengthen this culture in their firms.  Keeping stakeholders ‘in the loop’ should be stressed as a good way to learn as well as evaluate progress on any project, applicable to many job roles.  Breaking projects into incremental pieces that can be evaluated and discussed is a good pragmatic approach for many types of jobs.  (Could also interpret this question as how to conduct a job search using Agile techniques!)

List 2 things you liked about the trainer/s.

Trainers related to the audience well.  They gave anecdotes based on their experience to illustrate their points.  They responded to audience questions and adjusted their presentations accordingly.

List 2 reasons why would you recommend AgileN2N for Agile Training, Coaching and Agile rollout.

AgileN2N convincingly argues that Agile culture should be instilled organizationally, not just for software projects–first time I have heard that asserted, but I implicitly believe it based on my own professional and personal experience.  Deep knowledge is evident with the presentation exhibited by the firm, as well as the effectiveness of the presentation, and I can only imagine, based on this meeting, the coaching.

– John (Kurt) Koepele (

I thought Agile N2N did a very good job with the time they had.  I cannot think of any appropriate changes.

Andrew Rolfe
Principal, Sixth Sense Forensics

Here is what I learnt from the 4 hours Boot-Camp

I am seeing a growing interest among clients to begin applying Agile methods to their projects. However, some of the organizations are still fairly new to Agile and I believe there can be a temptation, by management/leadership, to “cherry pick” some pieces of Agile that are convenient for their purposes and not fully embrace the core values of Agile to allow projects to really be successful. Another piece of the equation, when going outside traditional software developments and into the development of physical electronics and hardware, is that organizations can get stuck thinking about how they “have always done things in the past”. I can see it being a challenge to help clients look at their physical product developments with fresh eyes to find new and creative approaches to prototyping that can better leverage Agile methods.

Rob Klein, President
Xenon Digital Workshop Inc.