Agile Boot Camp Reviews

Agile Boot Camp Reviews

What Boot Camp Attendees are saying ….

The 3 things that I learned from Agile Boot Camp which I will immediately apply to my Teams and Projects are

  1. Being new to Agile, the overview of the scrum cycle was quite helpful to see and understand the roles and interactions between the Stakeholders, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Delivery Team.
  2. When estimating and planning, it is so important that the entire team is able to share their individual thoughts regarding their confidence in achieving each sprint’s goals.
  3. Keep in mind and help to reinforce within the organization’s culture the importance of the focus on a “Growth Mindset”.

The one thing that I  learned from Boot Camp  that I  will strive to master is always strive to keep the Agile Principles “top of mind” and having a copy readily handy to revisit and facilitate open team discussions on possible improvements upon discovering something that isn’t working.

There are several ways the boot camp will help me in boosting my career.

  1. It provides a solid, baseline understanding of how an Agile organization strives to operate with the important context of your role(s) when joining an Agile team, thus allowing you to contribute towards the team’s goals more quickly and efficiently.
  2. The Agile Boot Camp provides a great base level of knowledge to use as a starting point when beginning working within Agile organizations.

The 3 reasons why I would recommend Agile N2N for Agile Training, Coaching and Agile Roll-out are

  1. Provides a great baseline level of knowledge about Agile Development in a short period of time (1 day).
  2. The material provides practical and actionable information of how Agile can be applied to development teams.
  3. The friendly staff at Agile N2N are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in helping clients navigate Agile transformations within their organizations.

I  would rate the overall training and learning as 9 on a scale of 1-10 , 1 being lowest and 10 being the highest. I only put down a 9/10 due to my earlier comment regarding brain overflow. And a 10 doesn’t really exist anyway. 🙂

Rob Klein, President
Xenon Digital Workshop, Inc.


The one day Agile Boot Camp overall was excellent. Given the time constraint of 1 day, the instructors did a great job of covering the main topics of interest.
I found the activities very helpful. “Passing the coins” was an excellent activity to emphasize agile concepts. Discussions during the boot camp were helpful in learning more about the agile challenges in the industry today.
Instructors were knowledgeable, willing to share information and demonstrated agile practices.
I would recommend Agile N2N for Agile Training, Coaching and Agile roll-out based on their staff expertise, the practical experiences they bring forth and their passion for promoting Agile.
The shared links were a good pointer for additional Agile resources. The boot camp provided a wonderful opportunity to meet others working in this area. I am hoping it will help me in my job search as I prepare for Agile certifications and interviews.

Jayanthi Raman
Senior Project Lead, Nokia
Design and Engineering Services Lead

Wow! Kanban, Scrum, Scaled Agile and all things Agile…Just attended a great class delivered by the consultants at Agile N2N. The class, aimed at project managers and business managers who are making the transition from PM to Scrum Master and Product Owner, was packed with great real-world insight.  Thanks Agile N2N!
The “All things Agile” class at Agile N2N provided great insight from their agile practitioners. It helped me to sort out the responsibilities of the Project Manager and the Scrum Master based on their real-world definitions.  I can see why their experience with scaled Agile helps many organizations implement enterprise-wide systems. I would definitely recommend the class to anyone or any organization seeking to make the transition from waterfall or hybrid (phased-implementation) to Scrum or Kanban.

Gayle Whitmer, PMP, ITILv3F
Project Management | Customer Service Management | Implementation Management | PMO |

I am very satisfied with the overall training I received at the boot camp. It was very well organized and informative. I gained Knowledge Confidence and feel Motivated.The training was very clear on delivering the process, allowed open discussion to learn from each other and share insights. I will definitely recommend Agile N2N to other because of all the reasons I mentioned above.

Urvi Shah, Entrepreneur, Project Manager