Thank you for the assessment of the Agile practices and the training of technology managers at Rand McNally. The tailored training of the technology managers on the Agile methodology and how to run a release train provided a good foundation for future activities. The survey of the managers attending the training showed that it was worth the investment. I expect us to utilize your expertise in future engagements.

Yusuf Ozturk

CTO, Rand McNally


Shashi was an incredible change agent in Nokia, and I had a privilege to work and learn from him on his leadership and agile philosophies.

Sara Rossio
VP Product, Connectivity at Gogo

Shashi embodies the Agile mindset. He is always on the lookout for how he can help. He tries new ideas, asks for feedback, finds and shares industry resources, and is a true servant leader for his teams and for the organization. His focus on continuous learning and creating a positive team atmosphere is inspiring.

Susan DiFabio, CSP, CSM, CSPO
Agile Coach

I have worked closely with Shashi for over 18 months and respect him both professionally and personally. Rarely do you find someone who takes such an active interest in the well-being of others. This quality is one of the many that has made him a particularly effective Agile change agent. He is also a strong coach who understands Agile implicitly and is able to teach others at varying levels of skill. He is constantly seeking new and better ways of doing things and his teams consistently outperform their peers. His skills in Agile coaching were recognized by the organization who honored him by making him one of the few Agile Champions…a distinguished group of Agile practitioners with direct access to the most senior leaders in the organization. I heartily recommend Shashi in any Agile coaching engagement. He is well liked and respected by all.
David Douglas
CEO at Yolobe Inc.